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  • Compared to the conventional R1 turbo kit, the A / R of the compressor has been changed with the aim of improving torque in the mid-low speed range to improve the rise of boost pressure.
  • As a result, the torque in the mid-low speed range has improved to the same level as the genuine turbo, achieving both ease of handling on the street and performance and durability on the circuit.
  • Ideal for those who tune engines up to 450ps / 7600rpm and 50kgfm / 4800rpm (according to our measurement standards) in combination with cam and ECM tuning.
  • ※When installing this product, it is necessary to retune the boost pressure characteristics and engine control unit.
  • ※If necessary, please purchase the water & oil inlet pipe (Nissan genuine parts 14499-AA400 2 pieces) and the front oil return pipe (Nissan genuine parts 15197-06U00 1 piece) separately.

- R3 turbo: With reinforced actuator (rod length adjustment type), with NISMO logo
- Reinforced actuator set value at delivery: Valve opening pressure 655mmHg / 0.38mm, 809mmHg / 4.00mm

R3 turbo kit / R1 turbo kit specification comparison

Part Compressor Turbine Bearing Actuator
A/R Housing Wheel A/R Housing Wheel
R3 TURBO KIT  0.6 T04B C106 55Trim 0.64 T25 GT25 62Trim Ball bearing Reinforced spring,   rod length adjustment type
R1 TURBO KIT 0.42 T3

* The theoretical output of the R3 turbo is 250ps (x2).
(The theoretical output is an output value calculated by assuming an appropriate fuel adjustment for the compressor and engine tuning characteristics. It may be higher or lower than this value depending on the characteristics and condition of the actual engine and engine accessories. )

Kit contents
- R3 turbo body x 2
- Gasket kit (Nissan genuine parts 14401-24U26) x 1
- Stud bolt (Nissan genuine part 14064-05U01) x 8
- Stud bolt (Nissan genuine part 14414-17F00) x 10

Vehicle Model
Skyline GT-R BNR32、BCNR33、BNR34