Welcome to Real Omori Factory

Hello, this is NISMO Omori Factory Online Shop.

Today, we would like to introduce our real Omori Factory at NISMO headquarters.





In the first place, you will find the Nissan R390 GT1 on the front wall which won the 3rd place in the 1998 Le Mans 24-hour race.

This is an actual vehicle that just only took out liquids such as oil. Its weight is about 1t. It is the symbol of the showroom.


On the right, there is the shop where you can purchase NISMO products which most of them are also sold in this online shop.



This is the store manager, Takasu-san, sincerity and friendly nice guy.


There is the showroom in front, we hold public viewing here on the day of Super GT races held (We are looking forward to the day when COVID-19 situation will be gone).



We also exhibit road cars and historic racing cars (6 cars at the maximum) and replaced every month.




You can also see trophies and driver’s helmets.


On the right side of the showroom is the workshop of Omori Factory, where we carefully maintain the cars from our customers.


We can see that our customers are riding and taking care of their cars preciously that makes our maintenance more enthusiastically and with joy and proud.


Many customers from overseas also came here. It is located in a Nissan engine plant a little far from the city center, and we were appreciated that customers came to enjoy here despite the long distance.

When the situation of COVID-19 improves, please come visit us.

We look forward to welcome you.