1. Products listed on this website are all produced for Japanese domestic automobiles and made to be used in Japan. We do not take any responsibility for their importation, use, installation or application abroad.
  2. NISMO parts (including COMPETITION PARTS) are produced according to Japanese Domestic Vehicle Safety Regulations. In certain countries, their use may violate the laws and regulations in effect in that country. Foreign buyers are asked to research this thoroughly.
  3. For proper installation and replacement of NISMO parts, please go to a specialized service center or store with the experience and knowledge necessary for it to be done properly. Certain installations may expose the installer to physical danger. We take no responsibility for accidents occurring during the installation or replacement of their parts.
  4. On installation, NISMO products become part and parcel of your car's comfort, convenience and economy. Since any detriment, however small, to any of these qualities will affect the overall running condition of your car, please understand the particularities of any given part before installation.
  5. If, following installation of NISMO parts, any problem arises in a car’s operation or there is damage to its mechanism, NISMO declines all responsibility for such problem or damage. (For example, noises from brakes after NISMO brake pads are installed or transmission damage after installation of the NISMO reinforced clutch.)
  6. Because NISMO parts are neither subject to nor included in NISSAN standard, OEM parts guarantees, their repair or replacement may be refused. Be aware that installation of NISMO parts, depending on the part and where it is installed in the car, may, under certain conditions, void a NISSAN warranty. Please talk this over carefully with a specialized service center or store before any installation.
  7. When installing parts whose installation method differs from NISSAN standard, OEM parts, please read the accompanying installation instructions with great care before undertaking the installation.
  8. When you unseal your NISMO parts purchase for the first time, please check the new parts thoroughly for any missing, destroyed or damaged items before undertaking their installation. If any anomaly should be found, please contact us at as soon as possible.
  9. Please be warned not to install parts in cars other than the types and models specified in this catalogue.
  10. NISMO parts are designed and tested and their conformity confirmed for Japanese-make cars only. Their conformity to other cars has neither been tested nor confirmed.
  11. Do not install parts in cars other than the types and models specified on this website.
  12. Parts included in kits, assemblies or sets may be sold separately as single items or repair parts, but please note that there are cases where parts are not sold separately and that some parts are, in fact, only available for purchase as a part of a kit, assembly or set.


This website does not provide information regarding how to install NISMO parts. When purchasing NISMO parts, we assume that you possess the knowledge and necessary tools to install such parts. If you do not possess these skills, it will be to your advantage to retain a professional technician to do a portion or all of the work required. We can provide the parts to enhance the appearance and performance of your Nissan, but we cannot make you a better mechanic.


Racing on the street is illegal, irresponsible, and dangerous. All the NISMO performance parts sold for racing are meant for off-street racing purposes only. In buying performance parts from Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd. you are agreeing to use these parts for legitimate off-street racing purposes only. Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd., its management, and its employees intend for all of its customers to enjoy their purchases within legal parameters. As such, Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd., cannot accept any responsibility for the irresponsible actions of those who do not adhere to their local laws and ordinances. To the responsible racing enthusiasts out there, welcome to our store. By purchasing the buyer is agreeing that s/he has read, understood and accepted the above listed policies.