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GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon for rear
  • Specially developed as a wet type differential using carbon fiber cloth
  • Made to run in an oil bath, the interior discs were coated with a specially developed carbon fiber cloth.
  • The protective qualities of the oil guaranty superior durability and reliability.
  • Managing oil changes and checks is exactly the same as with any other clutch in the GT L.S.D. series.
  • Otherwise, this model works exactly like the GT L.S.D. Pro and has all the same functionalities.*1
  • ※We have done extensive research and development to ensure that any sludge that comes from the wear of the carbon fiber facings does not have any significant impact on LSD operation, its related parts or oil.
  • *1 This unit is set for 2-Way use only.

Note 1) It is recommended to install the front L.S.D. (38420-RSR55) at the same time in order to demonstrate the high level of performance.
          2) It is a made-to-order product.
          3) It is not a part of Nissan Motor's vehicle warranty continuation application.

Vehicle Model Application Diff type(axle) Final ratio
NISSAN GT-R R35 All models GR6 3.700