Regular price ¥10,000

  • Machine polishing gives this aluminum cap a sheen of high tone.
  • The NISMO logo that forms its top is nested in hairline finish stainless steel.
  • Installing this cap is an offhand way of dressing up your engine and give it a sporty chic.

- Material: Machined from aluminum
- Screw size: M33 pitch 3.5mm
- With heat-resistant rubber O-ring
- With NISMO logo
- Logo plate: Sticking type

Vehicle Model Engine
Cube Z12 HR series
Dayz AA1 BR06 series
Dualis J10 MR series
Juke F15 MR series
Kicks P15 HR series
Lafesta B30 MR series
March K11 CG series
K12 CR series,
HR series
Note E11 HR series
E12 HR series
(except HR12DE) *
E13 HR series
Roox BA1 BR06 series
Silvia S15 SR series
Skyline GT-R
R32、R33、R34 RB series
Serena C25、C26 MR series
Tiida C11、SC11 HR series,
MR series
Wingroad Y12 HR series,
MR series
X-Trail T30 SR series,
QR series
T31 MR series,
QR series
T32 MR series
*) applicable for e-POWER