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  • The new Nismo floor mat for Nissan GT-R Nismo is an upgrade version of Nissan’s dealer option floor mat for Nissan GT-R.
  • Nismo floor mat features include a die-cast aluminum NISMO emblem set against the mat's high-quality, black texture and edging in red overlock stitch to match the GT-R Nismo’s interior and upholstery.
  • Nissan’s dealer option floor mat for Nissan GT-R (Premium Sports)
  • The floor mat is woven in the historically renowned Tango Dantsu pattern, further reinforced by the inter-weaving of wear-resistant nylon thread.
  • The carpet's pile is kept short to eliminate any hindrance to nimble pedal work and guarantee unhampered sport's driving.
  • A protective heal platform in real carbon fiber has been inlaid into the carpet, positioned ergonomically to enhance the actions of both feet while preventing slippage.
  • The outer periphery of each fiber insert is placed, examined and carefully trimmed by hand in order to ensure an absolutely minimal difference with the surrounding carpet pile.
  • The carpet's rugged, die-cast aluminum GT-R emblem adds a note of easy confidence to the GT-R's interior.

Precautions regarding products
When installing, be sure to attach the fixing hook holes to the pins on the vehicle side.

Vehicle Model Application Part information
NISSAN GT-R  R35 NISSAN GT-R  NISMO 4 mat specifications with NISMO logo (current logo)

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