NISMO GT LSD R32/R33/S13/S14/S15


Regular price ¥110,000

  • GT L.S.D.
  • Basic Model: Fixed*1 initial torque & internal pressure
  • *1 The design standard for the initial torque output value is 8.0 kgfm at the time of delivery.
  • After the LSD is broken in and the plates are working well together, it will stabilize at 6.0 to 6.5 kgfm.
  • 20 large-diameter plates
  • Increasing the number of plates to 20 makes the shift from slip to lock dramatically smoother.
  • The diameter of the plates themselves, which are the actual slipping faces of the LSD, was augmented 55% over existing models.
  • The result is a decreased load on each sliding face for a 30% gain in durability.
  • Plate tooth design: the greatest tooth surface for the hightest power efficiency
  • The plates have 16 outside teeth which pick up the power input from the engine and eight interior teeth handle input from the road.
  • The case and side gear, which catch and hold the plate gears, have been set with ultimate precision, giving you a large-diameter-plate LSD that completely controls slip judder.
  • You will get stable, smooth, effective power and improved durability.
  • Possibility of conversion between 2-WAY & 1.5-WAY
  • Both 2-WAY and 1.5-WAY setups are available for purchase.
  • By machining the pressure ring's cam angles, it is possible to convert between 2-WAY & 1.5-WAY after purchase (this will also require a unit overhaul).
  • ※With the 2-WAY, the LSD is effective whether accelerating or not.
  • ※With a 1.5-WAY, the LSD is effective only during acceleration.
  • ※For R35, 1.5-WAY is not recommended due to its vehicle characteristics.
  • Special treatment for highest-quality plates
  • A special heat treatment developed exclusively by NISMO is applied to all of the plate surfaces.
  • This finish eliminates catching during slippage and ensures a smooth, linear operation.
  • It keeps the plates working in harmony when they are first broken in, guarding against plate scorching as well as any loss of initial torque.
  • High level of control
  • The GT L.S.D. brings you more than just strength and efficiency.
  • It also reduces power loss from occurring during time trials and provides the solid traction needed to attain higher cornering speeds.
  • All of this will give you better angle control when drifting.

- 1.5 way type

Vehicle Model Engine Application Diff type
180SX RS13 CA18DET All models R200V 4.363
’95/9~(6 holes type)
R200V 4.083
A/T R200V 3.916
SR20DE ’96/8~ R200
Silvia S13
Models with ABS and
without viscus coupling
R200 4.373
Models with  viscus coupling R200V 4.373
CA18DET All models R200V 4.363
SR20DET A/T R200V 3.916
S14 SR20DE Models with HICAS and
without viscus coupling~’96/12
R200 4.083
Models without HICAS and
with viscus coupling~’96/12
R200V 4.083
Models with HICAS or
viscus coupling ’96/12~
SR20DET A/T R200V 3.916
M/T R200V 4.083
S15 SR20DE Models with  viscus coupling R200V 4.083
SR20DET A/T with viscus coupling R200V 3.916
Skyline HR32 RB20E Models with ABS and
without viscus coupling
R200 4.083
Models with  viscus coupling R200V 4.083
H(C)R32 RB20DE All models R200
E(C)R32 RB25DE M/T R200
HR33 RB20E Models with ABS and
without viscus coupling
R200 4.083
Models with  viscus coupling R200V 4.083
E(C)R33 RB25DE 2WD M/T、A/T without
viscus coupling ’94/4~
R200 3.538
2WD 2 door M/T with
viscus coupling’94/4~’96/1
R200V 4.363
2WD with  viscus coupling ’96/1~ R200V 4.363