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  • For high performance driving. Size fits genuine NISSAN Brembo calipers.
  • One-piece model
  • In general, two-piece rotors are more likely to suffer from weakening of the joint area due to rust and deterioration over time as well as from a difference in heat resistance between the mount-bell joint area and surrounding parts that leads to cracking.
  • The NISMO Sports Brake Rotor was created to avoid these weaknesses.
  • It's a maintenance free, one-piece model with little noise and vibration that allows for easy handling in city driving.
  • Lightweight
  • The one-piece structure of the NISMO Sports Brake Rotor reduces weight by more than 16%, compared to the standard NISSAN part (the lightest among standard size rotors for the GT-R).
  • Reducing the bottom weight of the spring helps your car hold the road for a better ride.
  • High rigidity
  • The NISMO Sports Brake Rotor uses newly developed Special FC150 material.
  • The original shape of the NISMO ribbing (the internal ventilation fins) and of the rotor hat installation section provide superior uniformity of heat conduction during braking.
  • Uniform heat conduction is closely related to the ability to radiate heat, so that even in extremes, the brakes will perform stably.
  • A very high level of rigidity also reduces deterioration or distortion of the rotor to a minimum.
  • The NISMO Sports Brake Rotor has the high strength needed to disperse the forces exerted on it.
  • It has excellent durability because its structure and material work together to uniformly distribute heat energy, thereby overcoming one of the weaknesses of one-piece rotors -heat fatigue- and providing the same performance level as two-piece rotors.
  • Note;  While the CV cast iron used in some manufacturers' products is strong, it has poor heat radiation properties and suffers more from heat deformation than does FC cast iron. In conditions where the loads will vary greatly, such as when changing back and forth between street and circuit driving for example, CV brake rotors can easily warp and cause brake judder.
  • Excellent Durability
  • The NISMO one-piece rotor has proven its tremendous durability in repeated high-speed testing.
  • Compared to standard NISSAN rotors and rotors from other manufacturers, it also has outstanding heat-resistance properties.

- Skyline GT-R BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34
- For right hand side

NISMO Sports Brake Rotor Specifications Table

Genuine Brembo

NISMO Supplier A Supplier B

Rib shape

Diamond rib

30 spiral ribs 24 spiral ribs 36 radial ribs
Material FC150 Special FC150 FC equivalent material CV cast iron
Weight 9290g 8700g 9435g 9954g

Thermal stress / strength ratio

-0.92 -0.79 -0.92

Thermal deformation amount (mm)

0.54 0.558 0.57 0.568