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  • Aerodynamic design backed by NISMO racing technology.
  • The front downforce is greatly improved while keeping the Cd value.
  • Improves straight-line stability at high speeds and cornering performance at high-speed corners.

- Material: Made of FRP
- Surfacer finish, painting required
- Reference installation time: 3 hours (excluding painting)
- Build-to-order manufacturing

- A set of mounting accessories

It is necessary to make a hole in the lower part of the genuine bumper. It is attached using bolts and double-sided tape.
It is necessary to process the front tire deflector and the styrofoam parts inside the bumper.

<Notes on products>
1.FRP products are handmade products that are suitable for manufacturing small quantities and products with complicated shapes, and are handled differently from PPE and ABS resin painted products such as genuine Nissan bumpers. Please note the following points.
 - Before painting, be sure to temporarily attach It to the car body and adjust the mounting holes and fitting with the car body parts. Correction may be required due to individual vehicle differences. Please note.
 - Cannot be used in the finished surfacer state. be sure to apply the main coating on the entire surface Before use.
 - Please be sure to paint FRP products at a painting factory that has experience in handling and painting FRP.
2.There is no change in the overall length, minimum ground height, etc. even after the parts are installed.
3.When this product is installed, it may interfere with curbs. Please be careful.

<Applicable models>
V37 all vehicles ('19/7~)

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