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  • A combination of NISSAN GT-R (R35) genuine injector, air flow meter, NISMO pressure regulator, and fuel delivery pipe (same material as RB26DETT genuine fuel delivery pipe).
  • The genuine injector for R35, which has excellent fuel atomization performance, reduces the engine's run-up and improves response. In addition, since the amount of gasoline diluted is small, it is effective in improving fuel efficiency when used in combination with low-viscosity oil.
  • At the same time, the genuine air flow meter for R35 has less hunting in the high rpm range than for RB, and it is possible to make the fuel injection linearly follow the intake amount.
  • The response is good even when the throttle is suddenly returned, and there is also the advantage of reducing unnecessary fuel injection.
  • * When installing this product, it is necessary to refit the engine control unit.

Kit contents
- Injector (Nissan genuine parts 16600-38B0A) x 6
- Injector adapter x 6
- Fuel delivery pipe x 1
- Color x 6
- Insulator (Nissan genuine parts 16636-V5000) x 6
- Clip (Nissan genuine parts 17571-5L30A x 6)
- Dropping register harness x 1
- Injector harness x 6
- NISMO pressure regulator (22670-RR580) x 1
- Air flow meter (Nissan genuine parts 22680-7S00A) x 2
- Air flow meter adapter x 2
- Air flow meter adapter harness x 1
- M6 bolt (Nissan genuine parts 08363-6201D) x 8
- M4 bolt (Nissan genuine parts 08360-41226) x 4
- O-ring (Nissan genuine parts 22683-05U00) x 2

- Material
    Fuel delivery pipe: Steel pipe (same material as RB26DETT genuine fuel delivery pipe)
    Air flow meter adapter: Aluminum
- Fuel delivery pipe: with NISMO logo

Vehicle Model
Skyline GT-R BNR34

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