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  • Eliminates micro-vibrations for more stable handling
  • No matter how much you reinforce your car's body to make it more rigid, it will always be influenced by the road it's on.
  • Drivers feel the road surface through the tires as well as experiencing weight shifts when cornering, moments when the entire body feels like a spring.
  • The performance damper limits the transmission of micro-vibrations to the body.
  • During circuit driving, vibrations from the car body are transmitted through the steering system to the driver, causing the driver to overreact and make unnecessary steering corrections.
  • With the performance damper installed, micro-vibrations are eliminated and excessive steering along with them, giving you a more stable drive.
  • The Performance Damper Set works just as well for normal, street driving, providing a much more enjoyable and comfortable ride. 

- Front and rear set
- With bracket

- When installing the performance damper (rear), it is necessary to install the rear strut tower bar (55420-RNR20). It is required for performance and structure, so please purchase it separately if it is not installed.
- When installing the performance damper, it is necessary to partially remove the front undercover.

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