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  • Now you can install your NISSAN 5MT or 6MT with the same Shift Knob actually being used in GT-500s for the SUPER GT SERIES.
  • They are available in  shock absorbing, soft urethane, much vaunted for its sleek feel.
  • Embossed with the NISMO label, these Shift knobs are the perfect fit to any palm, giving you superlative grip.

- Shift lever shaft screw size;10 mm
- Height; 63 mm, Outer diameter;φ37mm
- Material; Urethane
- With a shift pattern sticker

Fix the steel sleeve to be inserted inside the shift knob to the shift lever, cover the shift knob body from above, and tighten it with bolts from the top of the knob (using a hex wrench).

Precautions regarding products
-The soft urethane product is about 30g lighter than the previous product due to the specification change. (Measured value by our company)
- Since soft urethane is a urethane molded product, individual differences may occur in weight and softness.

Part Application Size Part information
GT Shift Knob Soft Urethane For 5・6MT 10mm With shift pattern plate for 5th and 6th speed