NISMO PIVOT-CLUTCH,71 R32/R33/R34/S13/S14/S15

NISMO PIVOT-CLUTCH,71 R32/R33/R34/S13/S14/S15


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  • When a sports clutch cover or multi-plate clutch set are used, the stress on the release fork and the release pivot which acts as a fulcrum are also increased.
  • In competitive driving and other high-load situations, there is greater danger that the release pivot might fail.
  • This Reinforced Release Pivot is manufactured of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel, providing a 30% increase in strength compared to a standard carbon steel pivot, thereby reducing the chance of failure due to overload.
  • The use of a flat washer instead of standard spring washer also reduces the chance of the release pivot's coming loose due to excessive play.

- Size: M10 x P1.5, total length 41mm

Vehicle Type/Engine
Skyline R32(2WD) all models
R33(2WD) RB20E、RB25DE
R34(2WD) RB20DE、RB25DE