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M12 x P1.25 4 or 5 17mm hexagon nut, L = 48mm


  • The nut is made from chrome molybdenum steel, which resists heat expansion, and perforated to make it super-light.
  • Even in extreme racing conditions where heat from braking can push the temperature of the nuts over 120°C, these nuts will hold and will not come loose.
  • The NISMO logo is laser engraved on the shaft of the nut.
  • Racing nuts manufactured in aluminum (duralumin) will sometimes become to loosen due to thermal expansion.

- Material: Chrome molybdenum steel (SCM435)
- 4 pieces set (set sale only)

Precautions regarding products
- Because it is a penetration type, the tip of the hub bolt may rust. In that case, rust on the hub bolt may adhere to the wheel, etc.
- Be sure to install the wheel nut with the specified tightening torque as it may cause bolt damage.


Wheel Type Size Inset NISMO RACING NUT (1PC)
40220RN910 40220RN900
LM GT4 18×9.0J 22 OK Not recommended
Too long for this size of wheels
18×9.5J 12 OK OK
18×10.5J 15 OK OK
19×9.5J 15 OK OK
19×10.5J 15 OK OK