Regular price ¥350,000

Based on the S15 6-speed transmission, this transmission is made with a gear ratio for truly enjoyable high performance driving as well as increased gear strength.

Ideal Gear Ratio
For more enjoyable performance and drift driving, the first and second gear ratios have been brought closer to third gear and the sixth gear ratio closer to fifth gear. Most of the competition gears in the market emphasize strength and ease of production in the design process and deliver a lower gear engagement ratio with rougher tooth surfaces that can cause a noisy whizzing sound when used for everyday driving. NISMO carefully considered these factors, and developed gear ratio specifications that allow for normal, street driving as well.

Improved Gear Strength
Greater strength was gained by changing the gear ratio and increasing the gear's diameter. Where the gear ratio was not changed, the module was fortified by reducing the number of both counter and main gear teeth and increasing the size of the individual gear teeth. The thrust power shock to the front of the counter-shaft caused by shock torque was diminished by reducing the torsion angle. This also helps to avoid potential damage to the end surface of the counter-reverse gear.

Superior Operational Feeling
The NISMO Reinforced Cross Transmission draws on the strengths of the standard FS6R92A. Through reinforcement and optimization of the gear ratio, we've reached a level of operation incomparably better than competition-only dog transmissions or the synchro transmissions of the past.

Use on S15 (SR20DE), S14, S13
Because the S15 speedometer obtains its signal from an ABS sensor, there is no speed drive gear on the transmission. Because of this, no speedometer indications are available on the S13 and S14. When installing the NISMO Reinforced Cross Transmission in the S13 or S14, a special speedometer drive gear is available separately and must be attached (Car by car workup ).