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  • This L.S.D. is developed to facilitate smoother corner entry in line with the cornering improvements gained from installing “GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon (38420RSR50*)” or “GT L.S.D (38420RSR52*).”.
  • As initial torque is set at lower level, chattering noise is not generated.

- Number of plates: 16
- Initial torque: 29.4Nm (3kgf ・ m)
- Cam angle

Type Driving side Coasting side
Front L.S.D. 1.5WAY 45°

Precautions regarding products
- When assembling the front L.S.D., it is necessary to slightly scrape the mission case.
- This product was developed for the purpose of demonstrating the performance of GT L.S.D. or GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon at a high level, so it is not intended to be used alone. Please be sure to use it as a set. If only the front L.S.D. is installed, you may not be able to experience the product performance.
- This product is not a part of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. that is continuously covered by the vehicle warranty.

Vehicle Model Application Part information
NISSAN GT-R R35 All models 1.5WAY (oil seal, O-ring, gasket, 2 side bearings, L.S.D. oil 2L)


As for the rear L.S.D please check here (GT L.S.D. or  GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon).